Fiddlers Inn, Nashville, TN, as seen on Hotel Impossible!

Fiddlers Inn Room Rates
The Fiddlers Inn is located at 2410 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, United States. It is a 2 star Hotel, but that won’t matter much when You see how close You are to everything You go to Nashville for. When Hotel Impossible showed up to help this hotel it was like most episodes where it starts off terrible and ends great but if You are a country music fan, this episode was very special.
The hotel is very close to the Grand Ole Opry, which has 1 million visitors per year. The show saw that this hotel had huge potential. So the usual cleaning of the rooms, replacing of bedding and making a new lobby was done.
Anthony (host of show) was able to get Craig Morgan to come to the hotel for a food truck competition as a guest judge.



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