FCC to allow Mobile Phone use during flights

annoying phone calls during flights
What did You think about that news? FCC is not making a new law, that is not what they are qualified to do, they are saying that it will be okay for the airlines to approve this new rule on flights. Will the airlines group together and say it is okay to ruin Everyone’s flight for that one important annoying passenger that just has to make that high powered business call “buy low sell high”. We all know the guy, don’t We? He wears a blazer, open shirt and is always rude to the world but especially to the Person He is talking to on the phone (if there is Anyone on the phone).
We asked People at OIA (Orlando International), Thursday, November 21, 2013, what they thought:

Sara from New York: “The only place I had left for piece and quiet from phone calls, I might have to quit flying”. Shirley from Mobile, Al; “I personally have no need to make a phone call on a plane and if other People are allowed to, I will use my headphones, to drown them out”.
Rob from Huntington Beach, CA; Business changes in a minute and if I can get something done while flying, I will take advantage of that, I love the new rule”
Bill from Orlando, FL, F&*k That! That’s BullS*it!
The response seemed to be 75 percent against and 10 percent for and 15 percent didn’t care, is this going to be a new rule? It has a little ways to go before it can or can’t be, stay tuned.



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