Paradise Island, Bahamas Resorts and Hotels

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas Search all Paradise Island Hotels at once Is Paradise Island, Bahamas the Prettiest Place on Earth? If it isn’t, You would be hard pressed to convince those that will only take Their vacation here. The Water is crystal clear and anytime You want to see colorful fish, just put on a mask and jump in […]

Bahamas, Hotels, Resorts, Casinos and the best Beaches in the World!

get a room cheap in the bahamas Search all Bahama Hotels and Resorts at once   The Bahamas not only has the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is also home to some of the best casinos as well. Atlantis, Paradise Island is one of the nicest Resorts in the world and features the most incredible water world right out the […]

Philippines, Hotels Resorts and Beaches, more than You Expect!

beaches of the philippines get a room cheap Search all of the Philippines Hotels at once The Philippines might be the most underrated Country in Asia. I personally traveled to the Philippines on business trips 4 times before I found out they had beautiful beaches. Not even my business partners from the Philippines talked about it. Guess why? They didn’t know anymore than […]

Rio De Janeiro Hotels and Resorts, Brazil, Top Beach City in the World!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Crowded Beach Search all Brazil Hotels at once Search all Rio De Janeiro Hotels at once Right now, Brazil has one of the Strongest Economy’s in the World, the whole Country is thriving. But do not worry, the hotel rates are still very good and there are lots to choose from. Rio de Janeiro is known for […]

Top Spring Break Destinations for Spring 2014

Cancun, Mexico. Get Rates for Cancun Cancun is once again the number one spot for Spring breakers, all the resorts are completely full of young party minded guys and girls. Do not choose Cancun for a family vacation during spring break. Panama City Beach, Florida. Get Rates for Panama City Beach Panama City Beach took […]
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