Caribe Playa Beach Resort, Patillas, Puerto Rico, as seen on Hotel Impossible!

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HC 764 Buzon 8490, Patillas, Puerto Rico
This Resort is located so close to the water, You could throw a frisbee from the pool deck and it could land in the ocean. Not much else going on here, this is a hotel that is great for a couple that might want to be left alone and reconnect with each other. Maybe the honeymoon couple that is alone for the first time. After Hotel Impossible left here the resort is run much better and is taking in more and more guest each month. The rooms are very comfortable and are decorated in Hotel Impossible style.
This resort was being managed by the owner’s wife but Anthony got that changed and keep the marriage of the owner together. The resort was too much for Her to handle and Anthony had to smooth over the transition of a new manager.

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